Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PART TWO: Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection...

.......Not only did they take almost my entire blotter art collection to test out for drugs, but they also took all of my computers, which I believe was 3 laptops and a desktop PC, 8 hard drives, countless USB sticks, SD Cards, and other types of Flash memory out of every device, camera, computer, and cell phone in the house. 

This means they essentially have every photograph of my daughter ever taken. They have my 75,000 track strong music collection, and they have 17+ years of my wife and my home movies. Both family friendly, and not so family friendly.

Plus they have robbed me of my trust in people, as I look at every person that drives by my house with a shifty gaze now, and every person sitting in a parked car within 5 miles of my house is "certainly" watching me, in my view. 

And now, I present the photographs from my sister's phone, taken while I still sat in jail. I wish she had taken a few steps backward in order to better capturethe widespread disaster zone that it was, but one way or another, these are all taken in the same rooms mine were. Note the room with the Close-Encounters style Devil's Tower pile of shit on the bed in our bedroom. Its the photo with the ceiling fan basically touching the pile of our belongings. The only photos of our bedroom that I included before captured the very corner of our bed, after I'd spent 5 hours cleaning it off. These photos capture how it looked initially. 

Sorry there is not much order or rhyme or reason to them.

Friday, August 22, 2014

25I-NBOMe is not LSD. Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection....PART I (PART ONE)

25I-NBOMe is not LSD. Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection....or "How I learned to Stop Worrying and Hate th head of Washington County Narcotics Task Force Leader and Career Driven Ladder Climber Sgt. Benson)

This blogpost will not even cover the details I plan to share about the raid itself, how it went down, or anything else that happened, in much detail. I will get to all that in subsequent posts on it. 

I am a psychedelic historian, and a person of many varied interests. I have a wide ranging knowledge of inebriating chemicals. I am a person who has always been fascinated with the way certain chemicals in your brain bond with your brain chemistry to create different states of consciousness. I might be considered an expert in the field of chemicals ingested for creating altered states. If Im not an expert, then as an amateur, I am a very knowledgable one. Apparently knowing is NOT half the battle.

Apparently, through monitoring of my online activities, surely including this blog, I was singled out as apparently being too knowledgable, and this means that I MUST, I simply MUST be some sort of large scale wholesaler of illegal chemicals, the foremost one which they sought being, specifically, 25i-NBOMe. At various points during the interviews with investigators, I was also accused of being a chemist, and was told they expected to find a half a million doses of this dangerous chemical in my house. Being that they dumped all my cereal boxes out, they must have been thinking I'd be keeping the half a million doses inside my 6-year old's sugary breakfast cereal, where she could easily consume it on mistake. I have some photographs so that you all can learn the horrors of what happens when a no-knock warrant is executed upon your home.

I will post more of this sordid tale in days to come. Right now, I am out because they couldn't find anything to charge me with other then maybe some petty marijuana parafernalia and some hopes and dreams of busting some big time drug lord when in reality they interrupted the life of a quiet family man.

The important thing to keep in mind here, is I didn't have the wherewithal to take photographs until several days and about 24-human labor hours had been spent cleaning up. Literally. This is AFTER we made the house semi-livable and my wife and I had slept in it a few nights. This is NOT as it looked immediately in the aftermath. I need to get those photos from my sister still.

I will write more later. For now, here are the photos. BTW, they have TAKEN most of my blotter art collection in for "testing" where Im sure much of it will be destroyed. Despite its pricelessness. Despite its obviously not being dipped in drugs. Despite my insistence that they be careful with it. Sgt Benson, I hope you are reading this. I hope there is a special spot in hell for people who put ambition over decency. People like you.