Wednesday, September 9, 2015

They finally decided to charge me with something from when I got raided last August......I GOT RAIDED Pt. 5 (13 mos. Later)

There are probably very few, if any of you who remember my saga. I have (had) an extensive blotter art collection, much of it rare, signed, and valuable. I was accused by some fucking CI I've never even MET before, of having a half a million doses of 25i-NBOMe in my house, and I get raided with a 3-county/state police/DEA joint swat task force. You can read all about it, and see pictures of it, on my blog here:

And if you care to see the before pics of one of the better, more valuable, vintage blotter art collections in the country, then feel free to visit here:


For everyone else who made it this far, this is my first blogpost all summer, and my first update in months. I will be brief, on account of I cannot really comment on pending litigation, particularly when my freedom is at stake.... Regardless of the fact that I didn't do what they are accusing me of,...... But here is what they are attempting to pin on me:

First Degree Sale of Controlled Substance 300 or more dosage units. Mandatory minimum sentence in my state: 86 months in prison.

Second Degree Sale of Controlled Substance: 50 or more dosage units, Mandatory minimum sentence of 54 months.

So tell me that ain't a lotta bullshit for a fella to have to deal with.

They essentially want me daughter to grow up fatherless. 
They want me to lose my house, end my marriage,  and essentially, put me away long enough where, once I get out my skillset for getting a job will be so outdated, and my criminal record so  fresh and new, that I will undoubtedly have to ACTUALLY turn to a life of crime to support myself.......

So, anyways, I have an attorney, and a damn good one, too, I think.... We just now have to wait and see how tthings are getting going along shortly here.... 

There also appears to be an ongoing investigation into me, by at least my local police department......which I chalk up to them not getting anything they sought the first time around. They have been harassing me, pulling me over, showing up at friends houses looking for me, they have yanked me out of my Jeep and searched me numerous times without probable cause, nor any complaints, 

And this is all just in the last 2 months or so.

So, this is the current state of affairs. I am still somewhat confident that I can beat the fabricated bullshit against me, but you never know when you have piggies that are hellbent on making you pay, for their mistakes...In this case, raiding me in the first place.......


Next Court Date = 9/15/2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Novel Theory About Why Psychedelics Give You Gut Rot

Ok, bear with me. I'm actually pretty excited about this specific idea, mainly because I think it is accurate. If it is, it may be the first time anybody has put forward this as theory on one of those central core experiences that go with the psychedelic experience for so many people..... Gut rot. And it represents a novel idea; An actual new theory about why psychedelics ultimately give you gut rot.

To establish my anecdotal but very common sense evidence I am first going to quote from a blog post I put up here way back in 2013. This will be from the blog post "The anecdotal proof that when you trip, everything living around you trips too..."

Secondly, I am going to tell a new story. Insignificant, or so I thought, until it  just now it dawned on me, that I had come up with this concept a few years ago, then forgotten all about it, not realizing what an obvious and valid solution to a question many of us have had for years is and how directly relevant this almost CERTAINLY is.

Before I start, one last thing: Ive noticed over the years--every time I used to get good acid and ingest some, there was always one or more people who did the same, and were convinced that the LSD was "bad," or "dirty" or "strychnine" or any number of absurd claims based solely, principally on the fact that towards the latter half of their trip, they started to experience an uncomfortable condition in their gut that we all know as gut rot. It took a while to move past the rampant speculation on this one, and to recognize that, despite what people say, gut rot is often the sign you've had a good hard trip, not the sign of your chemical being "dirty" or "bad"..... It also seemed to change based on the specific psychedelic you took, as some seem to affect local fauna more then others....But more on that shortly.And so, with that established....I present to you my two pieces of anecdotal evidence which also establish necessary groundwork to understanding my theory. Please read on, as I quote myself from some time in 2013:


".....I am specifically referring to a trip though definitely, when you roll it affects the animals as well... So seemingly any empathogen would have some sort of similar affect, even ones that aren't pure psychedelics. Its a fact of life amongst those who know from firsthand experience that if you are tripping hard, your cats and the wildlife around you end up tripping too, and sometimes it seems like they are wigged out even harder than you might be. My (now) wife and I, back when we first met in our raver days circa the mid 90's, were walking down a street back to my apartment one night tripping sack like crazy. As we approached our apartment building we froze in our tracks. There was a BIG city racooon about 12 feet up a trree directly in front of us. The tree was maybe 25 feet away. He was starting right at us like he knew we were coming already.

..... I just whispered Sssshhhhh to the ol' lady, and we slowly appraoched the tree. In like super slow motion we crept, and the raccoon did the same thing, I could almost see it sensing...knowing even, that we presented no danger. As we got to withing 5 feet of the base of the tree, the raccoon was now at the foot of the tree at ground level.

We slowly began to crouch down as slowly as our legs would possibly allow us to do. It took what seemed to be 10 minutes for him to inch closer to us and for us you lower ourselves all the way down into a crouching position. Finally we were all the way down but our legs and ankles were starting to scream at us... The raccoon was staring, alternatingly right into my eyes, then my wife's.

  Eventually we were so close that we put out our hands and the raccoon smelled our hands. After he had done so, he crept back up a few steps and slowly, without any fear, walked back up the tree. We took the opportunity to stretch our legs, as our tendons and muscles were crying out in pain as this whole showdown had taken about 20 minutes of deliberate slow motion moving then crouching. We felt like the most amazing thing ever had just occirred to us, and we knew without a doubt that the raccoon became as high from the LSD we had taken as we have, and he sort of made this connection with us."

Secondly.......The other story I mentioned...

I tripped out this one time, right after I had sustained a pretty ugly, filthy cut on the end of one of my finger tips. I forget which one now, but it was a doozy. Running along the side of my finger it zigged into, and back out of, my fingernail bed. It was deep, and whatever the hell I had cut it on was sharp, filthy, and I was nowhere near hand sanitizer or a handwashing station when it happened. By the time the opportunity to clean it up had finally rolled around, it was too late. I had a doozy of a pus-creating, nasty infected cut. 

In the past, when I had sustained an injury that was like this, I could usally pop or squeeze out the infection, gritting my teeth against the excruciating pain this causes, and with tears welling up in eyes, eliminate get rid of the invasion, and at least be left with just a painful cut, sans bacterial infection. When you wait too long to get it clean, as with this time, bad things seem to happen.

Well, the really dumb thing I did that night, was instead of sleep that night, I decided to trip balls and then go to work the next day. Not terribly smart, but even less so for reasons I couldn't have imagined. When I was at the height of my peak, I distinctly remember being 100% convinced that my finger was getting abscessed, and that I was going to lose it entirely to a mandatory amputation. The lack of sleep downtime--where/when my body normally would have done a lot to fight this infection, but since I didn't get any it only was made worse as time went on....

I remember a few distinct points where the pain in my finger had ENTIRELY consumed my focus, as I felt like I was holding it near a hot anvil, and it was being seared. I was sure it was waaaay worse then it should have felt,  I was really truly worried about losing the finger, not because of my heightened sense of paranoia, but rather only because my finger hurt so bad, and the throbbing with every pump of my blood continuously was made worse, and the cycle seemed unstoppable. 

My finger would just hurt worse in perpetuity. It'd never go away, I was certai; Such that even the next day at work, even though i was hardly still feeling the acid I'd eaten the night before. I think that whole "tripping until you get a good nights rest" thing was at play because I was exhausted at work, and my finger kept heing the untouchable hot spot item that I was afraid to bump on anything.

Finally after an OK night of about 4 or 5 hours of sleep, but I did sleep nonethless, I notice a marked improvement over the previous day. I began to think I might not be losing my finger after all......

Conclusion and Summary......

Then it occurred to me. Just like the story I told above with the animals acting all crazy each and every time we trip, including zoo animals, petting zoo animals, etc, the problem in my finger was maybe because my trip had affected the BACTERIAL fauna on my body, and that had infected this cut were likely sent into OVERDRIVE mode, just like the psychedelic experience itself altered the way I was perceived for anyone or anything I come into contact with while the trip is in affect. 

Because of this novel idea, I thought It really WOULD have just kept getting worse if I hadn't gotten some sleep, I think. Now take the fact that your gut is home to more bacteria then anywhere else on your body, and they even make up a good percentage of your body weight, that it only makes sense that the bacteria in you are affected just like every other living thing around you is when you trip.....Only, being a single celled organism, what else do they have to do to show their excitable, agitated state, other than multiply faster, eat more, produce more gas deep in your gut and divide, since that is how they reproduce, and so on. Wash, rinse, repeat. I think this production of excess gas coming from deep in your guts is what causes the pain and discomfort of "gut rot."

This would also explain why when you look in a mirror closely while tripping, you SWEAR that any blemishes, blackheads, or otherwise that you might have take on a life of their own that practically begs you to try and remove them, often leading to bigger redder blemishes.....Making it best to stay away from a mirror entirely. It would explain why that infected cut on my finger was so bad during my trip and it probably explains a whole host of other things too, that I hadn't thought about yet.

What say you? Any thoughts as to the validity of this theory?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

List of the 8 Candidates which I believe make up the "New Daily Show Host" Short-List

Let me go on record saying it: Here is my prediction of some of the people I would have on my shortlist, if I wanted to replace Stewarts left of center politics, snark, wit, and sarcastic sense of humor;

~~~Adding an update! Making this list 8 and adding #8.  (Sunday Feb 15th, 8:21 AM)

1) Tina Fey (Experience as a Talking Head, Brilliant, Funny)

2) Russell Brand (Experience with talk show, has that ability to draw attention to absurdity)

3) Sarah Silverman (Brilliant Wit, Satireical genius, super quick on her proverbial feet)  My personal favorite pick

4) Seth McFarlane (Hard to argue that the guy behind Family Guy, with his amazing stage presence, good looks, recent hosting of the Oscars or whatever he hosted last year, and his knack for irony and finding absurdity in modern politics and pop culture would not at earn him a consideration)   My dark horse pick

5) Demetri Martin (He dropped out of Harvard Law School to become a standup comic)

6) Joe Rogan (Way smarter then he comes off at first)

7) Rachel Maddow (The safe, obvious, easy pic, but not funny enough, IMO.)

8) Cenk Uygur - (CurrentTV host and show creator of "The Young Turks....With Cenk Uygur" Cannot be ignored as his role is very similar, he has the looks, the politics, the talent..... etc)

There is your short list, right there..... You heard it here first-- 2/12/2015 @ 3:20 A.M.

Friday, January 30, 2015

I GOT RAIDED....Pt. IV.....End of January 2015 Update

So the two fools who plead straight guilty, with no deal even struck have reached a conclusion in this yearlong saga (well it was a year for their asses at least). 

Yes, they sentenced the poor suckers, both aged 20, who plead guilty to murder-3 on this whole ongoing fiasco. They finally got sentenced. You can (and should) read the following article to learn about the sentences, as well as get a bit of insight as to how the families of all the kids in question are approaching this whole thing....  The Local Town Paper of The Family of the Girl Who Died's Take on The Sentencing Hearings of Cole Matanaer and Alexander Claussen

I still think these kids had the 2 worst attorneys in history. Who walks up and enters a straight plea of guilty to the most damning charge against them, when the charge itsef is clearly an overreach of constitutional authority. The more I read about this whole thing, the more I am very glad that the only part I had in it, was as a mistake to be relegated to the footnotes of the criminal investigation, rather then somebody who actually needed to fear for his freedom because of legitimate guilt in the crimes being alleged. 

Its such a tragic situation, with so many lives destroyed, I can't help but for my heart to go out to the families of both of these kids who plead guilty and for the family of Tara Fitzgerald, the girl who died to kick off this whole thing in the first place. The pure tragedy of the overall circumstances is such, that I only have compassion for all 3 families whose lives have already been ravaged over this...I can even muster up a bit of compassion, and understanding and dare I say, an iota of forgiveness for Alex Claussen, the shithead who tried very hard to ruin my life, and who must truly be the worst confidential informant in history. (He wasn't confident nor confidential, he had never met me nor I him, despite being the target of his "inside information," and he steered an entire, substantially sized and obviously costly investigation  in the wrong direction because of his misinformation. Bravo, Mr. Claussen. There's a little something we can all be angry with you at, there--Sympathy for your predicament or not.

He clearly was a drug addict who had numerous problems, and its very likely that because of hearing about my art collection, he really BELIEVED what he was selling to law enforcement about me. The kid was just 1 year out of high school and seemed not to have very much going for him....Of course this kid was expected to act as a Narc. How can anybody even blame him for being coerced into grasping at straws to try to save himself? 

I mean, I do blame him, because of the lack of anybody else to blame that acted maliciously towards me in all this, but I can understand the situation he felt he was in. Its no excuse.....But the trumped up murder charges have to look pretty scary when you're 19 and haven't ever been the focus of the immense amount of negative attention that comes from something like this before... 

I just can't believe he plead guilty to them without putting up a fight. Thats the most absurd thing about  all of this and why he clearly has the worst attorney in the world.

In keeping with the promise/theme that this would be an update, I will have you all know Ive made zero progress in gaining my blotter or my computers back, yet, but in an attempt to keep my eyes on the big picture, very positive manner, I can also say that its very nice to be eating, sleeping, fighting, fucking, showering & shitting, and just generally going about one's business.... as a free man in his own home, without any trumped up charges filed or yet attempted in this case for any of us as of yet.... And when I say nothing for any of us, I mean myself and my colleagues who all went to jail at the same time back in August when this all went down. Nobody has been charged with a thing, and this is certainly a good thing we all have to be thankful for. And none of us is doing 75 months on a straight murder-3 plea like Alex Claussen, and so we all have that to be thankful for too.

One last note to add: While my heart breaks for Tom Fitzgerald, the father of Tara, the deceased girl, and I hope I never can fathom what he has gone through..... I think he is approaching this all wrong. He is hellbent on getting revenge sentences for all these kids who I believe he is using as a scapegoat  to avoid the obvious issue here: That when you charge somebody ELSE with murder over ingesting a drug willfully, and without knowledge of the existence of the person who sold it to the person who sold it to you, and without really being in any of the so-called culpable parties' physical presence at the time.... You are basically saying that the party who went out of their way to purchase and ingest the chemical, willfully and knowingly---and PAID good money for the capability to do so---nevertheless has absolutely no responsibility and played no part whatsoever, and took no risks with their actions. Because MURDER, whatever degree it happens to be considered, 1st, 3rd, or 100th, is irrelevant. It still places 100% of the blame on the party who is charged with murder, by the very definition of murder itself. They do not charge an arms dealer with selling a firearm--even illegally--to a person who kills themself with that gun. They do not charge the movie theater who lets a 15 year old into a rated R movie, and then mimics that behavior in real life with anything for providing access to the inspiration to the behavior with any crimes for their "part in all this"--- Yet, they hand out murder charges like candy to everyone involved with ANY aspect of the timeline that leads up to an accidental overdose death? Why not charge the parents with birthing the "guilty party" in the first place? Or the doctor who delivered him that fateful 19 years prior? I mean, if they weren't around, he wouldn't have been there to sell the drug, 5 persons away from Tara and it may have never occurred either, right? 

So I ask Mr. Fitzgerald, and the prosecutors and indeed the lawmakers and judges and potential future jurors in cases like this: What about Tara's own responsibility in all this? She wasn't actually murdered, because nobody had any intent for this to happen, and nobody knew it would or could..... So how can culpability be assigned to others in the case of a clearly accidental death? She died for unknown reasons, after ingesting an nBOMe dose it seems, and now Dad wants every kid who ever owned those drugs to rot in prison, as if his daughter, not to mention her FRIEND who DID NOT CALL FOR HELP, have absolutely no culpability for the tragic outcome that we are now witnessing the aftermath of.....I think this approach is simply wrong, at a moral, and legal level, and justice will not be served until this kind of conviction is vacated for all those sentenced on charges like this, and the laws are changed to assign the risk of ingesting a drug to the person it belongs too---the willing and rational participant who decided to ingest that drug as a means of recreation. 

This is all. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Have You Met Me?: Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

If you are unfamiliar with the inspiration behind my name, and some of the weirder quirks in my profile, then I certainly feel that you would benefit greatly from watching the video below, as an introduction to what I'm all about here. Ladies and Gentleman...... Will the Real Dock Ellis please stand up?

Monday, December 22, 2014

This Holdiay Season, Please Remember that the Abrahamic Religions are the single worst fucking thing that has ever happened to mankind.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Rad Ramadan!! Actually, fuck all three of those. I wish you a Sublime Solstice!

This comment was inspired by the absurdity; the stupidity; the mega-turd-ocity of THIS video on Youtube, as well as its creator: The Third Eye = Satanic Portal to The Demonic Realm" .  Truly, this is the worst corner of Youtube to find yourself in.

Just gotta throw this out there: The church itself, (and, to be honest, the three Abrahamic religions in general, Judaism, Islam, and of course Christianity)......with the core shared tenet essentially being that they all equally share God, they also are in equally vehement denial regarding the validity or legitimacy of the other two........... are the absolute worst thing that ever happened to the human race.  

Seriously, the Church which spends its existencevilifying EVERYTHING, and posting anti-everything videos, and preaching anti-everything ....And who have spent the last 2000 years killing everything from people to ideas to proof or evidence to their belief system's contrary..... Are still trying to pretend that they follow Jesus' decree to love they enemy? EVERYBODY is the church's enemy, by decree of the church. Maybe if you didn't have so damn many enemies you'd be allowed to dislike the few you did have, like the rest of us. 

Imagine, if those religions, with their countless wars, crusades, treasons and murders, countless children's innocence stolen, countless broken ruined lives ended in suicide after suffering clergy abuse, and countless more ended the same way because those same unholy clergymen who would force their appetites on children turned around to decree homosexuality as an abomination, as is premarital sex, birth control, etc etc........ 

Imagine if the crusades had never happened, the renaisance never ended, the Salem Witch Trials never ended with anybody falsely accused or put to death, and extrapolating across the Abrahamic board here, imagine if non of the atrocities done in Allah's name, the forced marriages, the clitoral mutilation, the murder of schoolgirls, the suicide bombings, the "honor killings", and worse....Imagine if they never happened. Imagine if the jews hadn't angered so many over history with their certainty at being "God's Chosen People" (the arrogance of that thinking is only visible from outside the spectrum of the belief in one of the abrahamic religions), and imagine if we'd always just respected each others opinions on the grandeur of the cosmos by admitting we don't really fucking know what we're talking about, and so lets not act as if we are so certain about some bullshit fairytale that we are willing to kill or be killed for it. 

Why is it that everybody can tell in their gut that the absence of these three religiouns, which have been nothing but a pox on all mankind for thousands of years, would have meant incredible things for mankind as a species by now, and know damn well we'd be more peaceful and better off, but feel like they are still right about everything anyways cuz its just another of God's "mysterious ways" that things should have worked out so roughly up until now, and never have the balls to question whether or not a God who claims to be good, but puts us through all of this, and lets children die of ebola, and who threatens to punish us eternaly for sins committed in a  life lived temporarily..... really is any good.. I mean, is that a God you want to trust in? Whose subjective idea of good is every horrific thing that has ever been done and then some? 

This video (the The Third Eye = Satanic Portal to The Demonic Realm" one, remember? Its absurd and founded on as much stupid, delusional and egotistical thinking as the concept of the devil is. Our third eye being reopened is the only chance we have to recognize what a scourge on mankind the 3 Abrahamic religions are, on an ongoing basis, and this is why, truly, it scares the crap of out Christians. It scares them because the 3rd eye is REAL and when you open it, you know it, and it blows, like so much corporeal dust, the delusion of organized religion from ones mind for good, and there is rarely any hope of getting you back once this happens. So, like everything for the Christians, their mantra is "Don't experience, don't feel, don't find out, trust in God and do what you're told!"- --As this is the only set of rules that will keep anybody with half a brain laboring under the delusion of their religious bullshit long enough so that they are too old to have anything but fear about starting over with a new belief system. Once they have you afraid to learn the truth because you've known the lie for so long, thats when you become a "respected member of the church" and a "pillar of the community".....Once you are firmly fighting for "THEM." 

Anything in the way of spiritual advice that a Christian ever gives you, especially unsolicited, is a good way to know exactly what to do the opposite of if you'd like to become a more complete, more conscious, more empathic, more knowledgable human being.  The advice is no different here. 

So this holiday season, when you start to get nostalgic for the good old days where everybody was in the "Christmas spirit" just remember, that the Christmas spirit is literally  probably how we would have naturally evolved to feel and act towards one another all the time, in our shared humanity and the realization that no petty differences in our history can possibly account for the vast similarities we all share in our lives here on Earth. The brotherhood and humanity that would have grown and thrived from that concept, absent any religious infighting, is what you'd feel ALL THE TIME if not for the corruption and cynicism of the Big Three, and their vast tentacles of influence across millenia and the world over.........

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I GOT RAIDED Pt. III ......... So, the NBOMe Raid is actually part of a huge murder investigation.....

So here is some information that will help you put into context just how convoluted this whole situation actually is. 

The raid, while technically being a drug raid, was actually performed by about 25 or 30 of my metropolitan area's finest as part of a murder investigation. Apparently, they feel that every person who has ever laid finger upon a particular drug that someone eventually meets a tragic, early demise upon ingesting, is guilty of murder. That is why when THIS happened back in January, this entire investigation was set into motion:

The key in the above linked article is the mentioning of Alexander Lee Claussen. He is the person whom I've never met, ever, not once, who was apparently used as a Confidential Informat in our case. You read that right. Ive never met him, he doesn't know me and I don't know him, and yet he was used as the person who supposedly had the inside information track to justify raiding my home...

Apparently this whole situation was kind of a big deal, because I've found news articles in nearly every language on it. One of the better, later ones was the UK's Daily Mail as seen below. The link below THAT is the actual affidavit for probable cause that was used to raid and arrest him back in May.

One thing I didn't mention before in my previous blog posts on this subject due to the sensitivity of the entire situation, was that simultaneous to my house being raided, a close friend of mine from North Minneapolis' home was being raided simultaneously, as was a third friend of ours' truck----The friend's house who got raided apparently knew this Alex Claussen kid, via his older brother. The extent of their relationship and/or what sort of thinking was occurring in the head of my friend, who turned 40 this year, to have anything to do with a 19 year unknown to me. But somehow because I happened to have been a large scale purveyor of blank and vintage blotter art, which my other friend sometimes would purchase from me, and because this Claussen fella took all the shit talking my buddy mustv've done so literally, when he somehow grew to be confused (or so I speculate, because, I don't know what else on Earth could have been the situation here) and thought that my collection of blank blotter art----which he only knew of through stories my buddy told him--was actually all laid out dipped blotter. Or so I'd guess, since I don't know any other way they would have confused me with somebody who'd have 500K doses of dipped blotter at his house.

The last little piece of this tale, which I feel better talking about here now for reasons that will be obvious in a moment, is also the other thing which I had failed to mention previously. 

My 3rd friend, mutually acquainted with the friend who got raided, had his Chevy Trailblazer confiscated. and was slated to be a forfeiture seizure on State Law....Or so we were told. The commander of the Washington County Drug task force, officer Benson, had flat out told my friend  that they were going to be taking and keeping his truck. They pulled them over leaving a Home Depot parking lot, walking out of the store with my friend who owned the house that was actually, literally being raided at that moment, unbeknownst to him. Apparently, while the investigation was about Drug A, they did find small amounts of marijuana, and also a different, unrelated, Drug B in his vehicle. This was their reasoning for the seizure.

Well, lo and behold, 60 days went by and they forgot to provide my buddy with paperwork on the forfeiture intentions, and so I began calling both of the counties involved counties' attorneys' offices and leaving messages impersonating my friend, and demanding that we please be given the vehicle back because, under our state law, if notification is not provided in 60 days about an intent to forfeit, the property must be given back. It doesn't precisely rule out a forfeiture, but they can't hold it any longer without charges being filed, and without a judge specifically signing a 30 day extension. 

We got stonewalled for over a week, and I didn't expect anything good to arise from my calls, because police usually do whatever the fuck they want to do to people anyway, and disregard any laws passed to try and create some sort of fairness and order in favor of the defendant...But after about 10 days had gone by, my buddy gets a call from Sgt Benson, begrudgingly and unhappily telling him he can come get his truck back from such-and-such person. We were already overjoyed because he had been nothing more then collateral damage in this whole situation. While they had misguided and false info for raiding me and buddy #1, our buddy #2 was had his truck raided and seized simply because he had driven from my house to buddy #2's that day right before the raids were supposed to happen, He arrived at right around the time Claussen was supposedly wrapping up his duties as a CI on buddy #1. Then buddy numbers #1 & 2# went to Home Depot in number #2s truck, and the rest is history. So,when my buddy literally was to lose his only means of transport on account of something he had zero to do with, I had felt terrible ever since, and somehow responsible for all this, just by virtue of being alive  and because he happen to have headies of 2 other drugs, including marijuana on him.....

So, the last part is the Keystone Cops icing on the cake. When he had his truck seized, he received a copy of the warrant and what they found in it a few days later. One of those things was "Drug B, in eyeglasses case, lighter." 

So we head out, and make the hour drive to the public works building in the middle of the woods for this county...We get led to his vehicle and they remove the huge "Do not return to owner" sign out of the dash, and the keys are in it. The man who brought us back there was now headed away, and as my friend is following me in my Jeep out of the gated area where his truck had been kept, and in his truck he notices something..... Up in the visor, stuck right their for him, was the eyeglasses case, with the paraphernalia, the lighter, and the bag of Drug #B that was their only supposed evidence of any wrong doing besides the pot. Thats right. They left the alleged evidence in the vehicle....Another way of looking at it, is that they returned the entirety of his property to him, including the reason justifying their desired forfeiture in the first place.... Without the leverage necessary to put my buddy under duress, they lose all of their circumstantial BS and the ability to put any pressure on anyone about anything they might want to learn about, other then the paltry personal use drugs they found, in each person's belongings during the respective 3-locale-raid.

So, at this point I've not been charged with anything, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't try and get me with a bunch of piddly lesser crimes.

NEXT STEP FOR  ME AT THIS POINT: I need to find out about getting my art collection back, same as they had to give my buddy's truck. Being that the art is actually supposedly part of their evidence in all this, I have no idea if its going to go as smoothly, but I will update on progress eventually.....

Lastly: As seen here, the CI, Alex Claussen, pled guilty to Murder 3, with no plea agreement whatsoever on the table. So that dude is clearly an idiot who isn't playing with a full deck. You don't just plead guilty to the worst charge they have on you, and with no assurance of leniency in writing. Here is the article on that dude: Local Radio Station Discussing A. Claussen's guilty plea.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Blotter Art is back!!

I cannot divuge details as i am crunched for time...But My Art Is Back Online!!
It was an inexplicably specific, and unexplained error between the entities that exist to make this blog work, and a total lack of communication or contact with me when the other one was taken offline due to compromised account access.....And its the site that hosted most of my photos..... 

The important thing here is that the artowrk is back up on my blog after a week or more without it!!

More details later, and the best part is, more good news has come down the pipeline in the way of my court case!! I will blog about it later!

Thanks all.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Apparently Google Has an Issue With My Blotter Art Collection.... aka.... Please Help! I need contact info to file a complaint for Google

They restricted access to my enitre Sorayama and Blotter Art collections' case you are curious as to what the hell happened to my blog. I am still trying to find the email or the number to call to protest. Ive never had a need to know before and now Im finding that when you have an issue with something #Google has done to you, there really doesnt seem to even be a phone number to call, nor an email or chat operator, nor mailing address specifically for #complaints a person's recourse.

If anybody knows better or has an 800-number or email address to use to resolve "differences" with the Orwellian Megacorporation whose motto is "Do No Evil", please contact me and let me know---or leave it in the comments section here. Thanks much!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another debate with a (this time non-existent) internet troll, in which I state the case against bible thumping lawmakers and their voters too.......

Yet another snarky comment in an internet comment board debate turned into a novella that needed to go here so as to not drop this bomb on somebody.

The following and first brief is directed at everybody in the comment thread found here:

However, the majority of my response is geared toward a commenter that didn't actually exist. When I reread his comment for the purpose of posting it here, I realize I misread everything entirely, and that we were in agreement. "So nobody at all commented here stating that Democrats are sinners in gods' eyes, implying republicans were, as a given, "Not." Gosh, this was becoming a theological debate mighty damn  quick. And my whole response, a triumphant "Take that" once again designed for nothing, and nobody. Oh fucking well. Here tis......

For General Discussion: When it comes to money's influence and the ugly specter of self interested decision making that rears its head to people who are essentially, nearly, comparatively (to us), "Above The Law"--- yes they are the same. When it comes to the ultimate goals that each group collectively chases, thankfully, because they don't usually forget what their mission was before graft,power, and re-election became their masters? No they are nothing alike. 

This is where my words, as follows, geared at *NOBODY* as they began. So instead of filling yourself into that role in your head, pretend I was asked to give a defense of rational thought, and a lead in to a debate where we were required to change the minds of our religious opponents. 

First off..... The fact that you use "sin" as a yardstick, and, ironically, the BIGGER sin you commit, of failing to recognize the religious far right/republicans as those more out of tune of Christs' teachings are the sum total one-two knockout you landed on yourself, that complete renders irrelevant anything at all that you might have had to add to this debate. You can believe that avoiding biblical sin is the first criteria on for whom to cast your vote all you want. You can even be so thick and calloused with the party brainwashing that you actually believe "Why yes, the Libertarian view is *very much* in keeping with the golden rule and healing the sick and helping the poor....And doing unto others, in general."

But don't be ludicrous enough to say it aloud, because, 
1) Like a scientist stating he decided to use his own SCIEN-"TERR"-IFIC METHOD on his latest study, (which turns out to be his secret code for "I fabricated all of the data, then jerked off for 6 hours every day for those 2 years".... 
2) Like the guy arguing with his doctor that he couldn't have gotten Hepatitis-C from those dirty shared needles, because you were always wearing a condom the whole time when you shot up...... 
3) Like the guy who STILL wishes with all his heart he was an Orc-killing hero who causes the ladies to swoon, and not be awkward and lonely....Who then strikes up a convo at the voting booth on the presidential election day where he proceeds to divulge to the pretty girl stuck by him in line that his dungeon master said the dungeon rules required unfettered devotion or else, and as such he has shown up, dutifully, to write-in his dungeon master ErnestBorgLevelNineWiz as his only vote for each election...........

Like all these people, you unknowingly give away your starting position of untenable logic in such a way that you are completely clueless to what everyone else can see: Your fundamental way of going about applying logic to render choices for yourself is skewed at the root level in such a way that nobody even wants to bother to argue with you. 

How can a person who believes that everything is a cosmic plan to create and force sentient beings with free choice to choose to worship and believe in a certain myth, or else they will be punished for ALL ETERNITY upon dying is somehow still a choice, and how can person who honestly believes that we can somehow just CHOOSE to believe in something that is so absurd, when we can't even CHOOSE to believe simple fact-based things that do not sit right with 2 + 2 = 7..... Right? 
If I just force myself to believe this equation is true, then I get a pony! But try, try try, you cannot FORCE nor FAKE belief to your true, deep subconscious self, and so you remain pony-less. But, despite its paradoxical impossibility for me, I need to believe that a perfect God designed a system in which people like me, who are incapable of carrying out the mandate, will be treated brutally and inhumanely, far worse then the most ungodly of us could ever see fit to do, based on the fact that this fundamentally flawed system has two groups and thats it. Saved and Damned. Period. 

I am to believe that this paradox of impossible contradiction does not actually prove the Christian argument untenable with any being remotely imbued with goodness that is pervasive in the universe, but rather, that it actually PROVES that everything you said about science denial, thinly veiled allusions to christian votes, sin-free politics, and ignorance to how our laws protect us from people just trying to impose religious legalese on us, is actually the only real Truth, and I'm hellbound for not seeing it that way. I will be tortured for all eternity upon death, because I made a very understandable error of judgment in my mistake-prone life.....

Sure that doesn't sound like the first century threats of very imperfect men, created as a way to terrify people into choosing sides, and self-enforcing moral code. That sounds more like what a perfect creator imbued only with love everlasting would postulate as a potential scenario which would not be opt-out, and all sentient beings had to be part of it, and experience God's love for themselves.... OR ELSE. But what do I know. I apparently believed in the existence of commenters that were not real. So I dont have much left to opine on, if thats about it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PART TWO: Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection...

.......Not only did they take almost my entire blotter art collection to test out for drugs, but they also took all of my computers, which I believe was 3 laptops and a desktop PC, 8 hard drives, countless USB sticks, SD Cards, and other types of Flash memory out of every device, camera, computer, and cell phone in the house. 

This means they essentially have every photograph of my daughter ever taken. They have my 75,000 track strong music collection, and they have 17+ years of my wife and my home movies. Both family friendly, and not so family friendly.

Plus they have robbed me of my trust in people, as I look at every person that drives by my house with a shifty gaze now, and every person sitting in a parked car within 5 miles of my house is "certainly" watching me, in my view. 

And now, I present the photographs from my sister's phone, taken while I still sat in jail. I wish she had taken a few steps backward in order to better capturethe widespread disaster zone that it was, but one way or another, these are all taken in the same rooms mine were. Note the room with the Close-Encounters style Devil's Tower pile of shit on the bed in our bedroom. Its the photo with the ceiling fan basically touching the pile of our belongings. The only photos of our bedroom that I included before captured the very corner of our bed, after I'd spent 5 hours cleaning it off. These photos capture how it looked initially. 

Sorry there is not much order or rhyme or reason to them.

Friday, August 22, 2014

25I-NBOMe is not LSD. Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection....PART I (PART ONE)

25I-NBOMe is not LSD. Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection....or "How I learned to Stop Worrying and Hate th head of Washington County Narcotics Task Force Leader and Career Driven Ladder Climber Sgt. Benson)

This blogpost will not even cover the details I plan to share about the raid itself, how it went down, or anything else that happened, in much detail. I will get to all that in subsequent posts on it. 

I am a psychedelic historian, and a person of many varied interests. I have a wide ranging knowledge of inebriating chemicals. I am a person who has always been fascinated with the way certain chemicals in your brain bond with your brain chemistry to create different states of consciousness. I might be considered an expert in the field of chemicals ingested for creating altered states. If Im not an expert, then as an amateur, I am a very knowledgable one. Apparently knowing is NOT half the battle.

Apparently, through monitoring of my online activities, surely including this blog, I was singled out as apparently being too knowledgable, and this means that I MUST, I simply MUST be some sort of large scale wholesaler of illegal chemicals, the foremost one which they sought being, specifically, 25i-NBOMe. At various points during the interviews with investigators, I was also accused of being a chemist, and was told they expected to find a half a million doses of this dangerous chemical in my house. Being that they dumped all my cereal boxes out, they must have been thinking I'd be keeping the half a million doses inside my 6-year old's sugary breakfast cereal, where she could easily consume it on mistake. I have some photographs so that you all can learn the horrors of what happens when a no-knock warrant is executed upon your home.

I will post more of this sordid tale in days to come. Right now, I am out because they couldn't find anything to charge me with other then maybe some petty marijuana parafernalia and some hopes and dreams of busting some big time drug lord when in reality they interrupted the life of a quiet family man.

The important thing to keep in mind here, is I didn't have the wherewithal to take photographs until several days and about 24-human labor hours had been spent cleaning up. Literally. This is AFTER we made the house semi-livable and my wife and I had slept in it a few nights. This is NOT as it looked immediately in the aftermath. I need to get those photos from my sister still.

I will write more later. For now, here are the photos. BTW, they have TAKEN most of my blotter art collection in for "testing" where Im sure much of it will be destroyed. Despite its pricelessness. Despite its obviously not being dipped in drugs. Despite my insistence that they be careful with it. Sgt Benson, I hope you are reading this. I hope there is a special spot in hell for people who put ambition over decency. People like you.