Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Blotter Art is back!!

I cannot divuge details as i am crunched for time...But My Art Is Back Online!!
It was an inexplicably specific, and unexplained error between the entities that exist to make this blog work, and a total lack of communication or contact with me when the other one was taken offline due to compromised account access.....And its the site that hosted most of my photos..... 

The important thing here is that the artowrk is back up on my blog after a week or more without it!!

More details later, and the best part is, more good news has come down the pipeline in the way of my court case!! I will blog about it later!

Thanks all.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Apparently Google Has an Issue With My Blotter Art Collection.... aka.... Please Help! I need contact info to file a complaint for Google

They restricted access to my enitre Sorayama and Blotter Art collections' case you are curious as to what the hell happened to my blog. I am still trying to find the email or the number to call to protest. Ive never had a need to know before and now Im finding that when you have an issue with something #Google has done to you, there really doesnt seem to even be a phone number to call, nor an email or chat operator, nor mailing address specifically for #complaints a person's recourse.

If anybody knows better or has an 800-number or email address to use to resolve "differences" with the Orwellian Megacorporation whose motto is "Do No Evil", please contact me and let me know---or leave it in the comments section here. Thanks much!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another debate with a (this time non-existent) internet troll, in which I state the case against bible thumping lawmakers and their voters too.......

Yet another snarky comment in an internet comment board debate turned into a novella that needed to go here so as to not drop this bomb on somebody.

The following and first brief is directed at everybody in the comment thread found here:

However, the majority of my response is geared toward a commenter that didn't actually exist. When I reread his comment for the purpose of posting it here, I realize I misread everything entirely, and that we were in agreement. "So nobody at all commented here stating that Democrats are sinners in gods' eyes, implying republicans were, as a given, "Not." Gosh, this was becoming a theological debate mighty damn  quick. And my whole response, a triumphant "Take that" once again designed for nothing, and nobody. Oh fucking well. Here tis......

For General Discussion: When it comes to money's influence and the ugly specter of self interested decision making that rears its head to people who are essentially, nearly, comparatively (to us), "Above The Law"--- yes they are the same. When it comes to the ultimate goals that each group collectively chases, thankfully, because they don't usually forget what their mission was before graft,power, and re-election became their masters? No they are nothing alike. 

This is where my words, as follows, geared at *NOBODY* as they began. So instead of filling yourself into that role in your head, pretend I was asked to give a defense of rational thought, and a lead in to a debate where we were required to change the minds of our religious opponents. 

First off..... The fact that you use "sin" as a yardstick, and, ironically, the BIGGER sin you commit, of failing to recognize the religious far right/republicans as those more out of tune of Christs' teachings are the sum total one-two knockout you landed on yourself, that complete renders irrelevant anything at all that you might have had to add to this debate. You can believe that avoiding biblical sin is the first criteria on for whom to cast your vote all you want. You can even be so thick and calloused with the party brainwashing that you actually believe "Why yes, the Libertarian view is *very much* in keeping with the golden rule and healing the sick and helping the poor....And doing unto others, in general."

But don't be ludicrous enough to say it aloud, because, 
1) Like a scientist stating he decided to use his own SCIEN-"TERR"-IFIC METHOD on his latest study, (which turns out to be his secret code for "I fabricated all of the data, then jerked off for 6 hours every day for those 2 years".... 
2) Like the guy arguing with his doctor that he couldn't have gotten Hepatitis-C from those dirty shared needles, because you were always wearing a condom the whole time when you shot up...... 
3) Like the guy who STILL wishes with all his heart he was an Orc-killing hero who causes the ladies to swoon, and not be awkward and lonely....Who then strikes up a convo at the voting booth on the presidential election day where he proceeds to divulge to the pretty girl stuck by him in line that his dungeon master said the dungeon rules required unfettered devotion or else, and as such he has shown up, dutifully, to write-in his dungeon master ErnestBorgLevelNineWiz as his only vote for each election...........

Like all these people, you unknowingly give away your starting position of untenable logic in such a way that you are completely clueless to what everyone else can see: Your fundamental way of going about applying logic to render choices for yourself is skewed at the root level in such a way that nobody even wants to bother to argue with you. 

How can a person who believes that everything is a cosmic plan to create and force sentient beings with free choice to choose to worship and believe in a certain myth, or else they will be punished for ALL ETERNITY upon dying is somehow still a choice, and how can person who honestly believes that we can somehow just CHOOSE to believe in something that is so absurd, when we can't even CHOOSE to believe simple fact-based things that do not sit right with 2 + 2 = 7..... Right? 
If I just force myself to believe this equation is true, then I get a pony! But try, try try, you cannot FORCE nor FAKE belief to your true, deep subconscious self, and so you remain pony-less. But, despite its paradoxical impossibility for me, I need to believe that a perfect God designed a system in which people like me, who are incapable of carrying out the mandate, will be treated brutally and inhumanely, far worse then the most ungodly of us could ever see fit to do, based on the fact that this fundamentally flawed system has two groups and thats it. Saved and Damned. Period. 

I am to believe that this paradox of impossible contradiction does not actually prove the Christian argument untenable with any being remotely imbued with goodness that is pervasive in the universe, but rather, that it actually PROVES that everything you said about science denial, thinly veiled allusions to christian votes, sin-free politics, and ignorance to how our laws protect us from people just trying to impose religious legalese on us, is actually the only real Truth, and I'm hellbound for not seeing it that way. I will be tortured for all eternity upon death, because I made a very understandable error of judgment in my mistake-prone life.....

Sure that doesn't sound like the first century threats of very imperfect men, created as a way to terrify people into choosing sides, and self-enforcing moral code. That sounds more like what a perfect creator imbued only with love everlasting would postulate as a potential scenario which would not be opt-out, and all sentient beings had to be part of it, and experience God's love for themselves.... OR ELSE. But what do I know. I apparently believed in the existence of commenters that were not real. So I dont have much left to opine on, if thats about it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PART TWO: Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection...

.......Not only did they take almost my entire blotter art collection to test out for drugs, but they also took all of my computers, which I believe was 3 laptops and a desktop PC, 8 hard drives, countless USB sticks, SD Cards, and other types of Flash memory out of every device, camera, computer, and cell phone in the house. 

This means they essentially have every photograph of my daughter ever taken. They have my 75,000 track strong music collection, and they have 17+ years of my wife and my home movies. Both family friendly, and not so family friendly.

Plus they have robbed me of my trust in people, as I look at every person that drives by my house with a shifty gaze now, and every person sitting in a parked car within 5 miles of my house is "certainly" watching me, in my view. 

And now, I present the photographs from my sister's phone, taken while I still sat in jail. I wish she had taken a few steps backward in order to better capturethe widespread disaster zone that it was, but one way or another, these are all taken in the same rooms mine were. Note the room with the Close-Encounters style Devil's Tower pile of shit on the bed in our bedroom. Its the photo with the ceiling fan basically touching the pile of our belongings. The only photos of our bedroom that I included before captured the very corner of our bed, after I'd spent 5 hours cleaning it off. These photos capture how it looked initially. 

Sorry there is not much order or rhyme or reason to them.

Friday, August 22, 2014

25I-NBOMe is not LSD. Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection....PART I (PART ONE)

25I-NBOMe is not LSD. Art is not drugs. Yet, I got raided in a no-knock warrant because of my blotter art collection....or "How I learned to Stop Worrying and Hate th head of Washington County Narcotics Task Force Leader and Career Driven Ladder Climber Sgt. Benson)

This blogpost will not even cover the details I plan to share about the raid itself, how it went down, or anything else that happened, in much detail. I will get to all that in subsequent posts on it. 

I am a psychedelic historian, and a person of many varied interests. I have a wide ranging knowledge of inebriating chemicals. I am a person who has always been fascinated with the way certain chemicals in your brain bond with your brain chemistry to create different states of consciousness. I might be considered an expert in the field of chemicals ingested for creating altered states. If Im not an expert, then as an amateur, I am a very knowledgable one. Apparently knowing is NOT half the battle.

Apparently, through monitoring of my online activities, surely including this blog, I was singled out as apparently being too knowledgable, and this means that I MUST, I simply MUST be some sort of large scale wholesaler of illegal chemicals, the foremost one which they sought being, specifically, 25i-NBOMe. At various points during the interviews with investigators, I was also accused of being a chemist, and was told they expected to find a half a million doses of this dangerous chemical in my house. Being that they dumped all my cereal boxes out, they must have been thinking I'd be keeping the half a million doses inside my 6-year old's sugary breakfast cereal, where she could easily consume it on mistake. I have some photographs so that you all can learn the horrors of what happens when a no-knock warrant is executed upon your home.

I will post more of this sordid tale in days to come. Right now, I am out because they couldn't find anything to charge me with other then maybe some petty marijuana parafernalia and some hopes and dreams of busting some big time drug lord when in reality they interrupted the life of a quiet family man.

The important thing to keep in mind here, is I didn't have the wherewithal to take photographs until several days and about 24-human labor hours had been spent cleaning up. Literally. This is AFTER we made the house semi-livable and my wife and I had slept in it a few nights. This is NOT as it looked immediately in the aftermath. I need to get those photos from my sister still.

I will write more later. For now, here are the photos. BTW, they have TAKEN most of my blotter art collection in for "testing" where Im sure much of it will be destroyed. Despite its pricelessness. Despite its obviously not being dipped in drugs. Despite my insistence that they be careful with it. Sgt Benson, I hope you are reading this. I hope there is a special spot in hell for people who put ambition over decency. People like you.